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Mustang Vs Norco

Most people assume that Strength is only about getting stronger in the weight room but to us it means so much more. It also encompasses Mental Strength this is doing the things we don’t like to do when we are tired or don’t want to do them. Finally, it includes moral strength, which can be summed up in one phrase “Learn to choose the harder right instead then the easier wrong.”
Honor on the other hand means having integrity. Integrity simply stands for being reliable, upright and honest --a person of character. Yet there is more. Honor is also an ideal, a goal to strive for. For you to walk with honor is to require constant discipline and commitment. The word integrity is a word that comes from an ancient Roman Army tradition. Every morning during inspection the Centurian would come in front of each Legionnaire. The soldier would strike his armor breastplate that covered his heart with his right fist and shout the word “INTEGER” which in Latin meant - Complete, Perfect. It not only indicated to the Centurian that the armor was sound but also that the soldier was of sound character and honor.
Dedicating yourself to the ideals of Strength and Honor means that your heart is in the right place. You are strong of body and mind and you wear your armor of courage and commitment. You accept full measure of its weight… find comfort in its protection… do not become lax and always remember that no one can take Strength and Honor away from you… you and only you can give it away.
The success of Strength and Honor is found in Our Tradition and not measured just by the number of wins and titles. Understanding that, where preparation meets opportunity - greatness can be achieved, is what Strength and Honor is all about. It begins with Traditions that are set on a solid foundation and are bought into by every member. Winning becomes a by-product of these Traditions. Our Tradition is not the color of or how we wear our uniforms. It is not the plays we run or the number of wins. Our Tradition begins with Commitment, and with that commitment comes enormous responsibility. If you say yes to joining our program, then you must understand that you are becoming part of our Mustang family. You are entering into a relationship and a commitment to everyone involved with the program. It means that we are going to expect the best from you and you can expect the best from us. It won’t be enough for you to just say, “I am a Mustang Football player.” You must be committed to everything we do and stand for. You must be willing to heavily invest much of your time and preparation in the off-season. The preparation requires boring, monotonous, nose-to-the-grindstone, long, tedious, and difficult hours in the weight room and on the field.
What makes our Tradition special is that we are committed and dedicated to work as hard as we can all the time. We don't just go through the motions. We are willing to accept the pain and hard work necessary to reach championship levels of athletic competition. We are dedicated to the idea that NOBODY will out work us.
“Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice.
It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to achieved.”
William Jennings Bryan
Commitment means being accountable. Accountability in our program is a promise that we will be there for you; and we know we can count on you being there for us. From the way you spot my barbell, to the effort you give on a double team block, to how hard you work in the classroom to maintain eligibility. The Marine Corps Motto is Semper Fidelis.” It means always faithful. To Marines they are not just words but a way of life that lasts forever. When a Marine says “Semper Fi” to another he is telling his Brother “I will be there for you. I will give my life for you if I have to. It is rewarding when a person says “You can count on me to give you everything I have” and know they truly mean it.
Our Tradition also stems from being courageous. Not brave in the face of a tough opponent - rather it's having the courage to conquer that little voice inside saying, "I can't." - "It's too hard" - or "I am not good enough." It takes courage and determination to push the limits we have placed upon ourselves; what others have placed upon our ability.
Fear is natural and sometimes paralyzing but overcoming our fears is what shows true courage. Courage is understanding that there is something more important then that which we fear. That something is Love, and Brotherhood, the most important components of Strength and Honor. The ability to create love and brotherhood among ourselves breeds success. It is realizing that you must lose some of yourself for others. Individual egos must die in order for a team to live and be strong. To be a good teammate or team player simply means you know how to sacrifice for, cooperate with, and respect your teammates when called upon. You accept the fact that sometimes your needs and wants are secondary to the greater good of the whole. Taking the initiative, setting the example and accomplishing what needs to be done without being concerned about who gets the credit is what love and true brotherhood are all about. Being responsible to 45-50 teammates is not easy. It means following team rules and knowing that you attitudes and actions have a profound effect on the success of the Team. Pride yourselves in that accountability. Wherever you go or whatever you do remember you carry your team with you. How you conduct yourself as a person - from the classroom, to the field, to the outside community reflects on your Brothers too. Never forget that you are connected to this special group in every facets of your life.
As a member of Our Mustang family never be afraid to say “I love you,” or embrace a teammate or coach as a sign of that affection. They are only our outward signs but by giving 100% all the time for your team through your actions, speak volumes. We are Family

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