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The 10
Brandon Flanagan
Tyler Slavin
Harold Mobley
George Moleli
Immanuel Mitchell
Aaron Brown
Ruben Woo
Sean Bautista
Bijan Sasaninia
Andy Corless

You must exemplify, Trust, Desire, Dedication, Accountability, Respect, Pride, Integrity, Hard Work, STRENGTH AND HONOR. Every day, on and off the field, you represent our family and set the example of what it takes to be a Mustang football player.

The Leaders Code
Become a leader by what you do. Leaders know their strength and weakness. They strive constantly for self-improvement. They live by a moral code, with which they set an example that others can emulate. They know their job and carry out the spirit as well as the letter of the assignment they receive.
A Leader takes the initiative and seeks responsibility. They face situations with boldness and confidence while making their own decisions as the best course of action. No matter what the requirements, A leader will stay with the job until it is done. No matter what the results, They assume full responsibility.
They lead with enthusiasm and command confidence. They find a way to touch their teammates and make individuals feel important and part of something larger then themselves.

Leadership traits
1.Lead by example
2.Know your teammates and look out for their welfare.
3.Credit others for your successes.
4.Be Loyal to teammates and coaches

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